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Community Mobilization for the Lancaster Violent Crime Initiative

Evaluating the Lancaster Violent Crime Reduction Initiative

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Lancaster Violent Crime Reduction Initiative Call-In

Read about the Violent Crime Reduction Initiative as reported in the Sunday News

An Offer They Can't Refuse

Invited by the chief to the city police station, four accused of street-level drug dealing get a rude greeting. Under a new program, they are offered a chance to clean up their acts. OR ELSE.

Sunday News - Aug 23, 2009 - By CHIP SMEDLEY, Staff Writer

In High Point, N.C., they took a chance

But in a targeted neighborhood, crime plunged when community coalition mobilized to fight drugs.

Sunday News - Aug 23, 2009 - By CHIP SMEDLEY, Staff Writer

Violent Crime Reduction Initiative

How it got its start here and what the "chosen" have to do to stay in line and out of prison.

Sunday News - Aug 23, 2009 - By CHIP SMEDLEY, Staff Writer

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The Public Safety Research Institute, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, founded in 2003, conducts public policy research on issues pertaining to crime and public safety. It is a collaborative enterprise whose active members include representatives from area colleges, governmental agencies and community organizations. Since its establishment, it has conducted research for the James Street Improvement District and the East King Improvement District, as well as for the Lancaster City Bureau of Police and the Lancaster Community Safety Coalition. It recently completed a study to measure the recidivism rates of probationers and parolees who are supervised by the Lancaster County Office of Adult Probation. Currently, it is the research partner of the Lancaster Bureau of Police Violence Reduction Initiative.

Now available: Effective Latino Targeted Prevention Resources - Report To The Task Group On The Involvement Of Latino Men With The Criminal Justice System - Prepared By The Public Safety Research Institute With Support From Millersville University - March 2009